5 of the best Social Media accounts to follow for Walt Disney World news and updates

Looking for a way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings around the “Happiest Place on Earth?” Below are 5 social media accounts that will keep you updated with the latest news concerning the magical theme parks:

  1. @WALTDISNEYWORLD on Twitter 

This is Walt Disney’s official Twitter account, and quite popular with over 2.22 million followers. They’re quick to post about the latest in ride changes and attractions which is especially helpful for those followers currently visiting Walt Disney World equipt with an active twitter feed.


2. Official Walt Disney World Facebook Account

Similar to the Twitter account, this is Walt Disney World’ official Facebook account. This page provides a bit more of a community presence within each post’s comment sections when compared to the official twitter account. The official Facebook account also fields visitor complaints and features reviews from recent guests.

3 r/WaltDisneyWorld on Reddit

This is a great Reddit page to learn about current events at the World and also an educational place to help plan your upcoming trip to all of the parks. Need to know the best plan of attack when hitting the parks for one day? Wondering where you should make dinner reservations to propose to your girlfriend? This is the best place to ask all sorts of questions and get some FREE quality feedback from self-fledged Disney experts.

4. Disney World Junkies Facebook Group

This is one of the largest (89k members) unofficial Disney World groups on Facebook. Not only does this group contain news and reviews, but it’s a major community for users to share their excitement about their upcoming vacation plans and ask questions.

5. The Utilidor on Twitter

Although this is a less popular Twitter account, it definitely deserves a follow. The Utilidor (named after the underground walkway beneath Disney’s Magic Kingdom) posts a curation of retweets featuring unique bits of Disney World news and photos on a daily basis.



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