Chart: Living in Disney World

Disney World’s population is particularly fascinating, as most people aren’t aware that people are actually residents. Most people would consider the location of Disney World to be in Orlando, but all four parks are actually within two cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, FL.

The overall population of 59 people (between the two cities) are minuscule when compared to Florida’s 19.89 million residents. In order to live “on property” you must be a salaried employee, or recent Disney retiree.

If you’d like to learn more about those few people living in these cities, I found this Orlando Sentinel article from 1987 explaining what life is like “living” in Disney World.

Below is a chart showing the U.S. Census Bureau’s population numbers of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista over the past 16 years:

(I opted to only show Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista’s populations, instead of including Florida, because the cities’ populations were far too small to detect with all three included.)

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