Sunset Safaris to begin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

One of the most popular attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is about to go nocturnal. Jambo Everyone reports that Kilimanjaro Safaris will undergo construction to make way for the addition of new animals to be seen at a new night version of the ride.

The attraction will feature most of the animals see on the daytime version of the ride, but will create new habitats for species such as the African Dog and Hyena. Crowds can also expect new lighting featuring an orange glow that will be installed in certain parts of the African Savannah portion of the ride, help simulating the colors of the setting sun.

The changes to the ride are to be completed “early 2016” according to Disney officials.

Below are some of the animals that will be featured on the new Sunset Safaris. 

Black Rhinoceros

DSC_0132Image: Lauren Blaess

Spotted Hyena

333863600_0614a9c1eb_oImage: Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers via Flickr

Masai Giraffe

DSC_0111Image: Lauren Blaess

African Elephant

DSC_0118Image: Lauren Blaess


DSC_0125Image: Lauren Blaess

African Wild Dog

Lycaon_pictus_(Temminck,_1820)Image: Michael Gabler via Wikipedia




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